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Customer Testimonials

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Name:  Mr. Nattawut
Country:  Thailand

DATE: 2010-4-28 22:40
Hi friend, Please issue proforma invoice for all items as I select. I'd like the crystal color chart of Austria. Could you help provide? It would be nice if you specified color of crystal in your product details. I'd appreciate if you specified crystal color in each crystal bead in my invoice.
Thanks very much.

DATE: 2010-4-30 1:07
Hi Sophia,
That's fine, I accept your quotation.

DATE: 2010-5-7 11:35
Hi Sophia,
I've received my items. Thank you very much for your fast service, very appreciate.
Nattawut K

Name:  Ms.Anna
Country:  Poland

DATE: 2010-5-7  2:52
Dear Sophia 
Thanks a lot for FAST (realy) shipment...
Today I receive a goods...

name:  Mrs. Evelyn
country:  United States

2010-5-10 1:24
Hi, You were wonderful last order. Need this by Thursday again! Thank you, Evelyn Sideri

2010-5-22 9:30
Thank you very much.  It is a pleasure doing business with you.

name:  Mrs. Caroll
country:  United States

2010-4-28 12:36
I really like your items. Hope we can do business again soon.

2010-5-2 5:15
Thank you, I cannot wait to receive the beads.

2010-5-19 12:18
Hello again, I really love your items. I am very impressed with the workmanship. Can you tell me the difference in the european beads ? Also, I cannot figure out how asking stock works. I cannot find the "button". Please send me an invoice.
Best regards, Caroll

name:  Mrs. Suzanne
country:  Australia

2010-5-28 6:33
Thanks again Sophia - I just found out that someone I buy from has cheated me and not sent the goods  - I am just a bit nervous.
Thanks you

2010-5-25 9:32
Hi there,
if all goes well with these I will place a bigger order soon.

name:  Mrs. Janice
country:  United States

2010-5-8 2:03
Good Afternoon!Love your products. look forward to doing more business with your company. jan & bob

2010-4-30 11:20
Good Afternoon!!! We are going to use robert despres credit card on this order thru his paypal. please send us an invoice .We just recieved our first order from your company the other day and were very pleased with the quality of your products. We look forward to doing a lot of future business with your company. Thankyou.

name:  Mr. Maria
country:  Australia

2010-5-4 6:59
Hi Sophia, I have just received order MB10042816 and am quite pleased. It is very hard to stay with one supplier due to stock issues otherwise i would be more than happy but you both offer a little bit different products ( both very nice quality). Hope to do much more business with thanks

name:  Mrs. sarah
country:  United Kingdom

2010-6-7 7:41
Fantastic Sophia. Thank you!!!!
I will pay via now.
Thanks again,

name:  Ms. denise
country:  Australia

2010-5-13 7:09
I rang Emerald Couriers, who are holding the package. I will collect it from their depot when I arrive at Emerald, next week. Thank you for sending the goods so quickly.

name:  Mr. Philippe
country:  France

2010-5-11 11:23
The order had been delivered complete and in good order (just one minor miss labeling).
The products are superb, I hope they’ll sell quickly to order more.
Best regards

name:  Mrs. Leslie
country:  Australia

2010-5-27 10:39
Hi Sophia,
Thanks for the great items. The invoice is correct. I have paid through paypal now.
Thanks again.

name:Ms. lisa
country:  United States

2010-5-31 11:10
Sophia, you adjust and send, it's OK.  I trust you.  I like you do professional business.
Thanks, Lisa

name:  Mrs. mary
country:  Australia

2010-4-28 4:09
sophie, the other order was fantastic, i have been looking for the cz beads and have tried several wholesalers, yours has been the best. Hope to purchase more soon.

2010-5-12 9:00

Thank you sophia, this is why I keep coming back to you store.

2010-6-3 10:51
Thanks for explaining totally understand, can you send the invoice or should I just log on and pay.

name:  Mrs. Denise
country:  United States

2010-5-10 1:34
Well it Pending transaction. If you have any info on how I could get it shipped faster I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank You so very much.

2010-5-11 10:05
Well it is all a waiting game at this point. Paitence is of virtue and I shall just wait for everything to run its course. You have been ever so helpful I can not Thank You enough for answering all my e-mails and whatever question I asked of you.
Have a wonderful day

name:  Ms. Rebecca
country:  Germany

2010-4-29 1:51
Dear Sophia,  
ok, that's great. I will do that.  
The first order arrived today. The beads are very nice - like exspected. I am sure they will be sold soon.
Thank you very much.  
I have a question. Is it possible to send me the photos of the beads I bought for my shop?  
Kind regards  

2010-5-12 10:26
Dear Sophia,
I am sorry for the delay. I was some days off the office and will pay today.
Thank you for your attention and kind regards

name:  Ms. Brigitta
country:  Netherlands

2010-5-19 10:12
Thanks for the quick shipment. We look forward doing business!
Kind regards,
Met vriendelijke groet,

2010-6-2 10:26
Hi Sophia,  
I very much like the pictures of the products on your website. Can you provide me the pictures of the products of my order with out your logo on it? That would be great!!!!
Kind regards,

name:  Mrs. Judy
country:  Puerto Rico

2010-5-14 11:20
You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-5-14 10:59
 Thank you once again, I will give you my impression.
Best Regards,

Customer Testimonials
"I have just received order and am quite pleased. both offer a little bit different items (both very nice quality).
                        Maria (Australia)"
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